Tony Cangiano

Hi there,

I’m Antonio (Tony) Cangiano, a 36 year old Italian photographer living in Penticton, BC. If you search for my name in Google you’ll quickly find out that I’m a fairly well-known software developer employed by IBM, a published author and a web entrepreneur. Yet photography is one of my biggest passions.

I specialize in portraiture and fashion. My portraits and fashion shots are normally taken outdoors and tend to capture the natural beauty of the subject, making them look their best. I have knowledge and mastery of studio lighting, but I don’t have a studio (or the space at home) to perform indoor portrait photography at the moment.

My photographs have been used in a few blogs and print magazines (mostly fashion magazines) as well as some newspapers. Some names include the Huffington Post, Pacific Standard, V&OAK magazine, Quail Bell Magazine, Vintage Lifestyle Magazine, Vintage Living Magazine, and Hey Doll Vintage Magazine. The focus on vintage comes from the fact that my wife is a vintage fashion expert and blogger and, as a result, I end up taking pictures of her (and her vintage wearing friends) quite often. But I don’t do vintage and pin-up style photography exclusively.

What else? Check out my photos and if you like them, feel free to contact me.